Association Stiftung Bremer Dom e.V.

The association Stiftung Bremer Dom e.V. was founded on 6 April 1976 and promotes the structural preservation of St. Peter's Cathedral through financial support. It is the sponsor of the Dom-Museum (Cathedral Museum) and is committed to the care and maintenance of the Cathedral Library and the Cathedral Archives. The Bremen Cathedral Foundation supports research into Bremen's church history and regularly holds lectures on art, cultural and church history topics.

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Contact addresses

Dr. Henrike Weyh
Tel.: 0421 – 33 47 142
Fax: 0421 – 36 50 425

Association Stiftung Bremer Dom e.V. Board
Dr. Detlev G. Gross, Chairman

Advisory Board
Edda Bosse, President of the Bremen
Protestant Church, Chair

Managing Director
Dr. Till Pawelek

Sandstr. 10/12
28195 Bremen
Fax 04 21 / 36 50 425