»Katharina Kreutzkamp: matt or shiny«
Start: 12.06.2022
End: 14.08.2022

As part of our exhibition series "Dompirsch - photographic views of St. Peter's Cathedral", the Dom-Museum will open the exhibition "matt or shiny" by the photographer Katharina Kreutzkamp on 12.6.22 at 11:00 after the service.

After studying at the Bremen University of the Arts, the artist has already shown her works in numerous group and also solo exhibitions in Bremen and northern Germany, for example at the Kulturkirche St. Stephani or the Frappant Galerie Hamburg.

It is the particularity of the moment and the structures of the objects that Katharina Kreutzkamp makes tangible in her works. In her photographs, the textures of surfaces become the pictorial theme or the play of light and shadow. In other pictures, she transforms the structure of a three-dimensional body or light reflections into patterns that order the space.

Our view of the familiar cathedral is thus expanded. Experiencing beauty in the seemingly insignificant is the great strength of this exhibition. You will see the cathedral with different eyes afterwards.

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