Bremen Dom-Museum on new tourist guide system

Dom-Museum auf neuem Touristenleitsystem

On 05.01.2023, the WFB's Managing Director for Marketing and Tourism, Oliver Rau, inaugurated the new signposting system in Bremen's city centre. The project team also put a lot of effort into revising the content of the previous system, which had been in service for 20 years. The inauguration is a day of joy for the team of the Dom-Museum, because it fulfils a long-cherished wish. The Bremen Dom-Museum has now found a place on the steles (clearly visible in the Radio Bremen- buten un binnen -report from 5.1.2022 (from minute 3:37 onwards)!). The new information system is supplemented by a web app.

More details on the new information system here:
Weser-Kurier, 5.1.2023, Wie Bremens neue Innenstadt-Wegweiser funktionieren
WFB-News, 5.1.2023, Bremen noch leichter entdecken


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