Dom-Museum to take away

Dom-Museum zum Mitnehmen

Tote bags, buttons and posters with motifs from our collection

Available in the cathedral shop

From now on you can take the best of the Dom-Museum home with you: Our new bags, buttons and posters feature a pattern with the most exciting motifs from our collection. It was designed by the Portuguese textile designer Sara Bento de Castro. On display are excerpts of various paintings, historical textiles, liturgical utensils and other exhibits from the Dom-Museum.

The artist further developed the concept of the British artist Owen Jones : In the middle of the 19th century, Owen developed a system in which he arranged the colours and shapes of ornaments in art and architecture. He called these harmonious compositions grammar - based on the term used in linguistics.

The grammar of the Dom-Museum allows a whole new visual approach to the collection - also on bags and posters.

The tote bags, buttons and the posters in DIN A1 format are available in the Cathedral shop .

Tote Bag: 7,50 €
Buttons: small 1,50 €/ large 3,00 €
Poster: 5,00 €
Magnets: small 1,00 €/ large 1,50 €
Puzzle: 10,50 €      – NEW –



Grammar glossary:

– from top left to bottom right –

  1. Ledereinband der Missale (Messbuch)
  2. Krümme von Limoges, Krümme und Bischofsstab
  3. Taufe Christi im Jordan, gotische Wandmalerei
  4. Mitra aus Grab 19, Rückseite
  5. Christus in der Mandorla, gotische Wandmalerei
  6. Gemälde Schmerzensmann, Lucas Cranach d.Ä.
  7. Altarleuchter mit Petrus
  8. Frühromanisches Kapitel
  9. Mitra aus Grab 19, Rückseite
  10. Diakonieschale, Blumenschale
  11. Tierkampfszene, frühromanisches Kapitel
  12. katholischer Messkelch
  13. Sieblöffel, um Verunreinigungen aus dem Abendmahlswein zu entfernen
  14. Christus in der Mandorla, gotische Wandmalerei
  15. Abendmahlsrelief
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